The Country House is located in a panoramic position at 400 mts upon the sea between Serravalle (gateway A7 MI-GE) and Gavi (3 kms), surrounding by vineyard where the best Gavi wines are produced. Out of gateway turn around and follow the indications to Monterotondo.
Surroundings: the “Mc Arthur Glen” OUTLET (kms 2,5), the archaeological area of Antica Libarna, the Fort of Gavi, the Museum of “Campionissimi” in Novi Ligure (the town of chocolate) and the possibility of horse ridings and playing golf (18 hole courses)
Built at the end of 19th century, it’s compound of 3 farm houses and the Country House and located in a beautiful vineyard landscape. A vaste green park and its surroundings offer nice relaxing moments. Available comfortable apartments and nice rooms.
Outside in good weather or in winter veranda with fireplace is always on you taste the Piemontese cuisine always taken care of by the owner.

It dominates the vineyards of our Gavi great wine tasting room.

Besides the large windows overlooking the large 250 sqm terrace with its sweet Monterotondo hill landscape.
The swimming pool of 400 squared metres is set in the green lawn: it’s the true pride of the complex and the joy of the guests.
It uses only organic preparations. Only cut to control herbs grow, no herbicidal used.
Treatments against parasites are limited to natural methods. In wine-making it doesn’t add any modified yeast, tannin powder, bacteria. Maximum quantities of SO2 according to ICEA rules.
From the long vineyard rows that climb up the hills of white limestone, fresh from the daily breeze that characterizes the vineyard, the medium small grapes are born with a compact somewhat prune-like skin maturing to a greenish yellow color with a hazy golden-gray hue, from which we produce a wine we call ‘Gavi’. An aromatic wine with a lightly bitter aftertaste, it is the perfect accompaniment to seafood, delicate meats, omelets and vegetable pies. Conscious of its own quality, it is proud to be compared with the best white wines of the world!
This noble and pleasant white wine is produced exclusively from Cortese grapes rooted in sandy soil and located on a steep terrain in the hills of Piedmont. The grapes are exposed to long sunny days and develop a greenish yellow color with a hazy golden-gray hue from which we produce a wine we call ‘The Monterotondo’. The elegant "Gavi del comune di Gavi d.o.c.g.", with an unmistakable personality, is a straw-color wine with an intense perfume of flowers, white fruit and almonds. It is dry, pleasant and boldly scented, resulting in a taste that reveals the land of ‘Monterotondo di Gavi’.
Round and dry is the hill where precious vineyards cross to produce three grape varietals; Cabernet, Merlot and Sirah. Combined together, they give rise to a great red wine whose name could only be The Rossorotondo. A wine which improves over time, enhancing the features of the varietals that compose it. A full ruby red with a rich bouquet of red fruits, it releases a dry delightful flavor sustained by a clear acidity.

le camere in stile genovese

Di colore rosso rubino molto intenso, con una riflessi violacei, dal profumo complesso di frutti di bosco, lamponi, more e prugne, avvolge piacevolmente il palato con i suoi tannini che sostengono un gusto intenso, gradevole e armonico di grande eleganza.

Per le sue caratteristiche viene affinato per diciotto mesi  in Barrique di rovere che esaltano l’ampia struttura del vino stesso